Wallpaper Removal

Remove wallpaper, if possible. If all wallpaper cannot be completely removed, loose pieces will be removed so that bubbling will not occur. Raised wallpaper will be cut out with a razor knife, glued and spackled over.

Float & Prime

Float all seams, wallpaper joints and imperfections with drywall compound. Sometimes attempting to remove stubborn wallpaper can create more damage than leaving it on. This can safely be accomplished as long as the wallpaper is primed with an oil primer which will prevent it from lifting. We use an odorless oil primer which has much less smell and dries quickly.

Apply Texture

Texture wall with texture compound using a compressor and hopper or hand tools.

Seal Texture

Prime walls with a latex primer.


Caulk around all corners, door casing, window seals and baseboards.