All surfaces to be painted will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared. This step helps new paint to adhere to the existing surface and removes pollutants and dirt.

Protect Property

All areas in your home, including flooring, appliances and furnishings will be protected with drop cloths or plastic.


Preparation will include the removal of switch plates, vents and the filling of all nail holes. Water stains will be treated and primed.

Scraping & Priming

Loose paint will be scraped. Sanding may be necessary. A primer will be applied to all bare wood and repaired/stain damaged areas to assure proper adhesion of the new paint.


All cracks along door jams, baseboards, crown molding, and corners will be caulked.

Tape & Bed

All major wall cracks will be repaired by taping and bedding. All repaired drywall areas will be matched to the existing texture.


We will either roll, brush or spray on paint, depending upon your project needs. Usually, we suggest zero VOC paint products for interiors.

Clean up

We clean the area thoroughly moving furniture to their original place. Touch-up paint will be labeled and left for you.