Protect Property, Flooring and Furnishings

Countertops, flooring, furniture and fixtures will be covered with plastic sheeting and thick paper.


Surfaces to be painted will be thoroughly cleaned with a non-toxic TSP substitute to remove all grease and dirt.
Sanding & Caulking. Surfaces will be lightly sanded and tack-cloth cleaned for cosmetic consideration and also to promote bonding. Caulking will be done along all seams, joints and cracks to ensure a more appealing finished product.


A premium primer will be applied to promote adhesion while providing a smooth finish and preventing stain bleed-through. We have low VOC waterborne-urethane, oil or lacquer primers to choose from.

Final Preparation

After the primer has dried completely, the surface will be lightly sanded. The surface will then be wiped clean with tack-cloths a second time to remove all dust.


We apply 2 new topcoats providing uniform and consistent coverage across all surfaces. We have low VOC waterborne-urethane, oil or lacquer topcoats to choose from.

Clean up

We clean up the area thoroughly. Touch-up paint will be labeled and left for you.